Saturday, December 25

New release,Xmas Gift and Lazy Sunday by Garage!

Merry Christmas!

May hаppiness brighten yоur days, рrosperity grееts you in your ways, may succеss be with you, in еvery way that yоu do! Wishing you еvery jоy and a Merry Christmas!

Skin-Garage Alexandra skin-tone 2-makeup 04 (75ld$ only Lazy Sunday,see more makeups and skin-tones in the store!)

Shape-Garage Jess Shape

Eyes-Garage Angelica eyes

Eyelashes-Garage Eyelashes v.4

Sweater-Garage Winter sweater Christmas group Gift


NEW!!!Sexy lipsticks by Garage.
(tattoo layer)
Lipsticks set 3

Lipsticks set 2

Lipsticks set 1

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