Sunday, September 12

New release at .:::GARAGE:::.

Eyelashes for viewer 2

Are you tired to fid eyelashes? They are not rez for you? Then buy eyelashes to viewer 2!)) Come and see the demo!

Look # 17

Look 17

Skin-Garage Lova skin BT(Lazy Sunday) NEW
Shape-Garage Megan
Eye-Garage comming soon!
Hair-Garage hair-004/Onyx
Eyelashes-Garage-Lashes 10
Earrings-glow studio - No round Earrings specialTDR
Necklace-Garage Pamp-necklace black
Dress-Tyranny Loves Day Glo

Lazy Sunday at .:::GARAGE:::.

Garage Lazy Sunday skin

Skin -Garage Lova(Lazy Sunday)
Shape-Garage Megan
Eyelashes-Garage Lashes 10
Hair-Truth Janelle - champagne

Thursday, September 9

Look # 16

My look

Skin-Garage-Alexandra skin-tone 2-makeup 01
Shape-Garage-Megan Shape NEW
Hair-Garage-hair-004/Dirty Blonde
Makeup-Garage-Makeup 54 for viewer 2
Eyelashes-Garage-Lashes 05
Earrings-TIK TOK- Blossom earings
Necklace-TIK TOK-blossom beads 3 parts-3 forgot-black
On mouth-TIK TOK-Petal Ladybugs inlove
VISIT Garage and Tik-Tok

Saturday, September 4

TRUTH New Releases!

TRUTH Raquel hair

Hair-TRUTH Raquel NEW
Skin TIK-TOK Heather-mocha-cl-berry NEW
Shape.:::GARAGE:::.Megan shape NEW
Top Emery Gold Foil Face

TRUTH Orchid hair

Hair-TRUTH Orchid NEW
Skin-TIK-TOK Heather-medium-angel NEW
Shape.:::GARAGE:::.Megan shape NEW

TRUTH Miranda hair

Hair TRUTH Miranda NEW
Skin.:::GARAGE:::.Lara skin ton 3-mk-6 NEW
Shape.:::GARAGE:::.Megan shape NEW
Dress Glam Affair-Marta

TRUTH Jersey hair

Hair TRUTH Jersey NEW
Skin.:::GARAGE:::.Lara skin ton 1 mk-2 NEW
Shape.:::GARAGE:::.Megan shape NEW
Dress Digit Darkes-Determined Coat White

TRUTH Janelle hair

Hair TRUTH Janelle NEW
Skin .:::GARAGE:::.Beatrice ton 1 makeup-1
Shape.:::GARAGE:::.Megan shape NEW
Bodysuit-Emery-Loop Suit
Shirt Tuli Cable knit cropped vest BLACK

TRUTH Cindy hair

Hair TRUTH Cindy NEW
Skin.:::GARAGE:::.Alexandra skin-tone 1-makeup 04
Eyes makeup.:::GARAGE:::.Makeup 11 for viewer 2
Shape.:::GARAGE:::.Megan shape NEW
Dress Maitreya BubbleSkirt dress

.:::GARAGE:::.The Unicef project donate

Garage hair 005

Garage hair 006

Today started The Unicef project donate!These items are out for 100% proceed so all money will go to Pacistan people.
Its out at project donate sim by Truth Hawks!

Thursday, September 2