Monday, August 29

Special for The Fashion Garret by Koketka!

Hello, this is my amazing Eva ( preview on the TFG)
Eva (preview)
Price only for 70l$ YAY!)

Get them NOW!

Sunday, August 21

Sale event by Koketka

T shirt and skirt by Koketka for Lazy Sunday kids

Take it here

Skin-JeSyLiLO Niran TanSkin*J6
Koketka-Milla shape

Hair-TRUTH Pippa - crow
DeeTaleZ tights cotton pantyhose grey
Koketka-In love T-shirt
Koketka Denim skirt beige
Shoes-COCO DoubleLayerBoots_Black

Sunday, August 14

New release and lazy sunday at Koketka

 Hello ladies<333New very cute t-shirts and denim skirts  waiting  you in the Koketka
New clothes by Koketka (refresh)

T-shirts updated. I removed 3 shirts (2 with Mickey Mouse,Cookie Monster ) from collection because to use these cartoon characters i need licensed agreement which i have not. Sorry for any inconvenience, I didnt know that i should have it for using in second life. Thanks for Caelan Hancroft who  told me about it. Love you. Julie

Love girl  T-shirt for Lazy Sunday kids by Koketka (75L)
and this t-shirt  only 75L for Lazy Sunday!)
Take it here

Sunday, August 7

New release at Koketka

Nina Mini dresses
Each dress contains two versions, open and closed chest, you can wear this dress to a club or on every day and look at it beauty!))

Saturday, August 6

Lazy Sunday and Lazy Sunday kids at Koketka

Out now at Koketka for Lazy Sunday!Just 75l for this new t-shirt and leggings.