Wednesday, December 29

Look # 19


Skin-Garage *Beatrice skin ton-1 makeup-1* Limited sale-99ld$ only!!Dont miss it) more makeups and skin tones see in the store!
Shape-Garage *Jess Shape*
Eyes-Garage *Angelica eyes*
Teeth-Garage *Teeth* v4
Eyelashes-Garage *Eyelashes v.4*
Hair-lamb. Unbirthday Redux - Snickers

Saturday, December 25

New release,Xmas Gift and Lazy Sunday by Garage!

Merry Christmas!

May hаppiness brighten yоur days, рrosperity grееts you in your ways, may succеss be with you, in еvery way that yоu do! Wishing you еvery jоy and a Merry Christmas!

Skin-Garage Alexandra skin-tone 2-makeup 04 (75ld$ only Lazy Sunday,see more makeups and skin-tones in the store!)

Shape-Garage Jess Shape

Eyes-Garage Angelica eyes

Eyelashes-Garage Eyelashes v.4

Sweater-Garage Winter sweater Christmas group Gift


NEW!!!Sexy lipsticks by Garage.
(tattoo layer)
Lipsticks set 3

Lipsticks set 2

Lipsticks set 1

Saturday, December 18

New release,Lazy Sunday and 50L Fashion Addicts at Garage!YAY!

Stylish prim eyelashes,especially for you.I have updated lashes and now its will rez fast for you!)
Garage eyelashes 1-10

Garage eyelashes 11-20

Garage eyelashes 21-30

Megan skin 75ld$ only Lazy Sunday

Sexy beads on mouth,price 50ld$ only for 50Ls Fashion Addicts.
Pearls black
Gold flower with brilliant
Taxi to Garage

Sunday, December 5

New release and Lazy Sunday at Garage

Today lazy Sunday and totally new releases are waiting for you at the store!Pretty jeans collection!Jeans,capri,super sexy skirt!75 Ld only!Dont miss it!After lazy sunday ill put usual prices for it)
Pretty mini skirt by Garage
Pretty Capri Jeans by Garage
Pretty Jeans by Garage

Wednesday, December 1

New release at Garage-Body shop & more

Angelica skin main vendor

Angelica skin

Very beautiful and realistic skin Angelica which includes the shape and realistic eyes,two pubic options and two cleavage options,3 skin tones and 5 makeups.


Monday, November 29

New release at Garage

Garage *Teeth*(tattoo layer)

Realistic Teeth(tattoo layer)with diamonds by Garage

Friday, November 19

Promo skin by Garage.

Promo skin by Garage main vendor
Price 75ld

Hair-TRUTH Francesca - honey NEW
Skin-Garage Promo skin NEW
Shape-Garage Jess Shape
Eye-UNIQUE MEGASTORE-Meggan_eyes_by_Nany_Merlin
Lingerie-Emery - Lingerie Honey

Wednesday, November 17

New releases at Garage

Lova skin main vendor
Garage Lova skin and shape.Skin contains three skin tones and 10 make-up in each.
Skin include:freackles options(tattoo layer),brow shape,two pubic options,two cleavage options and prim eyelashes.Price 299ld$.
hair TRUTH
Elise shape and style card
hair TRUTH
Bett shape
hair TRUTH
Annet shape

Lucille shape
hair TRUTH